The AMAZEMENT Revolution
Seven Customer Service Strategies to Create
an Amazing Customer (and Employee) Experience
by Shep Hyken
A Customer Service Strategy Book: The Amazement Revolution by Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert Featuring Seven Customer Service Amazement Strategies
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A New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Build a customer service culture that creates
customer and employee loyalty!

New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Shep
Hyken has written a new customer service book.

In this book you will learn seven customer service strategies to
create an amazing customer
and employee experience.

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group
Hardback book - 224 pages
Pub date: April 5, 2011

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What Is The Amazement Revolution?

It is the culture driving any size organization, from one employee to tens of
thousands, that is completely focused on delivering an Amazing customer
service experience.

In this sequel to the
Wall Street Journal bestselling customer service book
The Cult of the Customer, Shep Hyken shares seven powerful customer
service strategies that any organization can implement to create greater
customer and employee loyalty. In a tough, competitive, and price-sensitive
economy, customer service is one of the most essential tools to separate
your business from the competition. These strategies work, as evidenced
by the more than seventy case studies and examples that Hyken shares
throughout the book. The studies, each insightfully dissected by the author,
provide dozens of lessons that can and should be implemented
immediately—by any organization, large or small.

1. Membership - What if you treated your customers like members instead
of customers?

2. Partnership - What if your customers thought of you as a partner and
not just a vendor?

3. Serious FUN - A new definition of FUN - as it applies to business. What
motivates your employees, makes them want to take care of customers and
excites them about coming back to work the next day?

4. Hiring Right - Are the right people in the right job?  Are they willing to
do what it takes to
amaze your customers?

5. The After-Experience - Do you have an "after experience" to give to
your customers after they do business with you?  This is a very simple
strategy that makes customers remember you and want to come back.

6. Community - Do you have a community of loyal customers (also known
as evangelists)?  Great companies can separate themselves from their
competition because of the community they create with their customers.  
What's their secret?

7. Walk the Walk - Do you (and your leadership team) model what your
company stands for? Do all of your employees live and breathe your vision
and mission?

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