The AMAZEMENT Revolution
Seven Customer Service Strategies to Create
an Amazing Customer (and Employee) Experience
by Shep Hyken
A Customer Service Strategy Book: The Amazement Revolution by Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert Featuring Seven Customer Service Amazement Strategies
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While this may be the first three chapters of the book, it is actually a book
within a book.

First, you will learn about how a 12-year-old’s birthday party magic show
business is the root of many powerful customer service strategies in the
first chapter titled “The Right Thing to Do.”

Second, you will learn some customer service phrases and terminology that
you may want to start incorporating into your vocabulary.

Third, you will get a master class in customer service as Jim Bush, the
executive VP of World Service at American Express, takes us through all
seven strategies that are taught in the book. I promise this will be a
valuable investment of your time.

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